Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Lose Weight Using The Law Of Attraction

This video about losing weight using the Law Of Attraction had a couple of wow moments.  Take a look.

I know now that I need to focus what I do like about my body.  For instance, let's say I like my lips and eyes because I can look in the mirror and believe that.  That's very important according to this video. 

How many times have you started the day with a negative statement about your body size?  I know I have ... ashamedly so.  If I focus on negative, I will attract negative.

My reason for really wanting to lose weight is to defeat diabetes and never ever have a need for prescription drugs again.  Diabetes took one of my toes and I will not let it have the rest of me.  I've told my doctor that is my goal and I have been cautioned that it is an unrealistic thought.  I let that knock me off course for about a year.  It's my body and I will go with what I believe.

I see myself as a warrior heading into battle.  Warriors aren't wishy washy about battle either.  They know it's all about moving forward.

The mind is quite a battle place.  This is one victory that I will cherish.


  1. I believe in you Sherri. I would totally recommend an eft (emotional freedom technique) to help you get your feelings straight about it and help you get motivation too. Try tapping I like its part acupressure in the form of tapping and part self counciling and its free. The Sedona Method is also great. I will talk to you about that on FB and they have a great movie called letting go that gives you a quick shortcut version of the method that rocks. I know you will do this.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Jammy. I tried EFT once but not successfully. A nurse/hypnotist tried to teach me once. It didn't click, but I would be open to trying it again.